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Mental Performance addresses the psychological aspects of sport performance. Along with the technical, tactical, and physical skills of an athlete, the mental skills are an essential component of high performance. Consultants within the Mental Performance field play a key role with individual athletes, coaches, and teams.


Championship-winning coaches and athletes work with Lingo Performance Consulting for education and new ways to enhance the mental side of their sport, which lead to better results. Lingo’s mental performance system has helped over 100 junior tennis players, many who have secured NCAA Division 1 scholarships. His system has also helped produce professional athletes in volleyball, hockey, and boxing.

He has also helped professional football and tennis players during their respective off seasons. Lingo’s specialty is developing an understanding of athletes and teams and what mental obstacles they face during competition and developing strategies to achieve an ideal performance state for optimal performance. Below are what coaches and athletes have to say about their experiences with Lingo Performance as well as a list of teams he has worked with.


Vancouver CanucksVancouver Canucks
Newbridge Academy SenatorsNewbridge Academy Senators
Boxing CanadaBoxing Canada
Dalhousie TigersDalhousie Tigers
Volleyball CanadaVolleyball Canada
University of Calgary DinosUniversity of Calgary Dinos

Champion’s List

    • 2020- Holland College Women’s Volleyball – Atlantic Collegiate Athletic Association (ACAA) Champions
    • 2019- Dalhousie University Women’s Volleyball – Atlantic University Sport (AUS) Champions
    • 2018 – Dalhousie University Women’s Volleyball – Atlantic University Sport (AUS) Champions
    • 2018 – Dalhousie University Women’s Volleyball – 4th at U Sports Nationals
    • 2017 – Dalhousie University Women’s Volleyball – Atlantic University Sport (AUS) Champions
    • 2016 – Dalhousie University Women’s Volleyball – Atlantic University Sport (AUS) Champions
    • 2015 – Dalhousie University Men’s Volleyball – 4th at CIS Nationals
    • 2015 – Dalhousie University Men’s Volleyball – Atlantic University Sport (AUS) Champions
    • 2015 – Dalhousie University Women’s Volleyball – Atlantic University Sport (AUS) Champions
    • 2014 – Dalhousie University Men’s Volleyball – Atlantic University Sport (AUS) Champions
    • 2014 – Dalhousie University Women’s Volleyball – Atlantic University Sport (AUS) Champions
    • 2014 – Women’s Canadian National Softball Team – 4th at ISF XIV World Championship Softball
    • 2013 – Dalhousie University Women’s Volleyball – Atlantic University Sport (AUS) Champions
    • 2012 – Men’s 64-69 Kg Boxing – 5th at London Olympics
    • 2012 – Dalhousie University Men’s Volleyball – Atlantic University Sport (AUS) Champions
    • 2010 – University of Calgary Men’s Volleyball – Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) Champions
  • Bryan Duquette

    I was introduced to the mental skills training side of sport from Andrew, during my early years while playing volleyball for Dalhousie University. During my time spent with Andrew, he helped the team and myself with concepts of trusting the process, staying in the moment, dealing with the good and bad sides of momentum, as well as dealing with the distractions that come with big game. Personally, Andrew helped me grow not only as an athlete and a teammate, but as a young leader to a young team. Learning how to manage myself, as well as my teammates on and off the court was an extremely beneficial growing experience as an athlete and a person. Through Andrew’s mentorship, he helped our team become a dominant force in the AUS Conference and a 4th place finish at the CIS Championships. Even after my time at Dalhousie came to an end, I still consult with Andrew one on one to talk as I pursue my professional volleyball career in Europe.

    Bryan Duquette
    Canadian National Senior B Volleyball Team; Dalhousie Tigers, Men’s Volleyball

    Andrew ’s mental skills and performance work with our women’s volleyball team has been an important part of our four AUS Championship titles. He takes the time to observe the teams and athletes and has a real talent for teaching the athletes to be reflective, empowering the athletes by giving them the strategies to be mentally tough and confident in pressure situations.

    Rick Scott
    Head Coach, Dalhousie Tigers Women’s Volleyball

    Ciaran McGovern

    Andrew Ling was instrumental in my development as a player. I was able to slow down the game and focus on how I needed to prepare and execute for each game. He not only implemented key exercises for each player individually, but also connected the team as a whole. Our team won a national championship in 2010 and many of our players continued on to represent our nation.

    Ciaran McGovern
    Team Canada Men’s Volleyball, University of Calgary Dinos Men’s Volleyball

    Anna Dunn-Suen

    Mental training is an essential part of any sport and can help or hinder athletic performance. Andrew gave me the tools to remain focused on the task at hand and identify cues that would initiate a loss of focus or confidence and provided strategies to manage those situations accordingly.

    Anna Dunn-Suen
    Dalhousie University, Women's Volleyball

    Paddy Flynn

    Andrew has worked with our programs for the past number of years.  The attention to detail in helping our program mentally through the tough stretches of a season was inspiring.  Helping young people learn about playing in the moment and trusting the structure and processes that bring positive results was important to us.  Andrew helped change the culture of our program and our thinking on how to build our programs in the future.

    Paddy Flynn
    Director of Varsity Hockey Programs, Newbridge Academy

    Reilly Pickard

    Andrew has helped take my mental game to the next level.  In playing high level hockey so much of what goes in to success is from the neck up, and working with Andrew has brought my game to the next level.  Talking to him on a day to day basis has allowed me to play much more in the moment and focus on what I can control as an athlete.  This process-based focus has helped me endure the mental demands of a long season and allows me to play in even the toughest of situations. He has helped me to reach an even keeled attitude and maintain perspective at all times.

    Reilly Pickard
    Goalie, Acadie-Bathurst Titan

    Mieke DuMont

    Andrew played a key role in my volleyball career, both at a team level and individually. Over my five years, Andrew was instrumental in our five AUS Championships. With the different team dynamics and chemistry that change each year, he was able to tailor our mental training to meet the specific needs of our team. We learned how to deal with adversity, how to refocus, and then how to focus on the positive aspects. Additionally, Andrew was always available and open to meet with athletes individually. Personally, Andrew was an invaluable component of my U Sports career, developing strategies specific to my changing needs.

    Mieke DuMont
    Dalhousie University, Women's Volleyball

    Jonathan MacDonald

    I have been working with Andrew Ling for the past 8 years. Starting with my time as a member of the Dalhousie men's volleyball team. Andrew introduced and got us connected to the mental skills side of the sport. Trusting in the process, staying in the moment, and the importance of releasing the last play were all valuable skills that allowed our group to reach new heights as a team. I would continue to consult with Andrew as I took my career to Europe as a professional. There never seemed to be an end to knowledge and teaching that he could bring to my game.
    My most recent experience has come with my Holland College Women's Volleyball program. Ling was able to provide some crucial guidance as we got into playoff time and brought home the programs first ever ACAA championship. He is a pleasure to work with and hope to continue to do so in the future!

    Jon MacDonald

    Pierre Rocque

    “Over the course of two seasons Andrew helped me evolve my mindset. We worked together in a diligent manner just like we would spending time in the gym lifting weights. Walking through scenarios, creating internal motivation and practicing the skills to handle adversity. Between goal setting and visualization, Andrew set us up with the tools for success. As an athlete who did not end up having an extensive pro-career, I have been able to parlay these skills into the boardroom. Properly dealing with adversity and setting goals are still a big part of my success."

    Pierre Rocque
    University of Calgary Dinos Men's Volleyball
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    Andrew Ling Andrew Ling

    Andrew is a Mental Performance Consultant and is focused on training athletes for performance enhancement. He is currently working with athletes and teams at Dalhousie University and junior athletes from various sports. He has worked at IMG Academies in Bradenton, Florida and was the Director of Mental Conditioning at the Evert Tennis Academy in Boca Raton, Florida. He has worked with the Women⁽s Canadian National Softball Team, Men⁽s Canadian National Sitting Volleyball Team, athletes/teams training at Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic, multiple University volleyball, basketball, and swimming teams in Canada and professional tennis and football players in the United States.



    Andrew Ling
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